the vision

melon bicycles started with the vision to make riding a bicycle a simple experience. With more and more people integrating bicycle riding into their daily activities, we wanted to create bicycles that fit right into this trend. If an activity becomes complicated and involves too much work, we are less likely to participate in it.

melon bicycles offers single speed bicycles for those of you who like to stick with the basics. For you, gears just make things complicated-we understand. For those of you who haven't tried it, the internal gear hub offered on several of our models is a great thing. All of the gears in this design are hidden in the bicycle's rear hub, offering a simple, beautiful design that requires zero maintenance and does away with two derailleurs, multiple chain rings, cogs, and shift levers. When you realize that an 8 speed bike can cover the same span of gear ratios that a 24 or 27 speed bike can, you will be amazed. Many people say "Why was I riding a bike with so many gears in the first place? I only every used 6 or 7 of them anyway!”

We believe that the simpler we can make a bicycle to maintain, ride, and transport, the more fun you will have. Simple=Fun. But we don't want you to give up an inch of performance, when you want it. All of our bikes are made from lightweight aluminum alloy. Our designs borrow liberally from mountain bike and road bike frame designs and technology, but we simplify things and make a slightly more upright riding position for your ride-all-day comfort. Our bicycles can go as hard or as easy as you please. We want using you melon to be a total blast!

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