Slice Red

Slice Red
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Slice Folding Bike Folded Bike Folding Bicycle Bracket Folding Bike Chain Ring Bike Folding Kickstand Folding Bike Bracket Folding Bike Derailuer Folding Bicycle Seat Slice Red
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I rode the Slice home today. It was AWESOME. In a suit and tie no less. So easy to navigate the streets and sidewalks with the 20" tires. The gearing worked like a dream. I also had it front and center in the office and got quite a few people who came up and asked about it. The deputy planning director (who owns a dahon) said it was way cooler. And the coordinator of the public art program rode it around today too. He said it was great and Very easy to ride in an urban area. I'll be using it to go back and forth between meetings. Grant-Urban Design Center Raleigh, NC

Today I rode my new Melon Slice the 5.5 miles from home to work, and now it sits, folded up in the corner of my office at Tower Place in Buckhead, (Atlanta) champing at the bit for the ride home at the end of the day. It is a really cool bike, fun to ride and lightweight (about 25 pounds), and folds up in about 15 seconds, allowing me to store it virtually anywhere. I will be using it to commute, but I can also see, in my mind’s eye looking forward, lots of people using this bike to zip around Buckhead and other job centers during the work day to go eat or take care of errands. Jim D.