Our Commitment to Superior Bike Design and Customer Service

At melon bicycles, we are coming up with designs to take folding bikes to the next level, but at a reasonable cost. We want our customers to have every confidence in the stability and durability of melon bikes that they have in conventional sized solid frame bikes. Coming up in the next month, we will have the prototypes of our passport series folding bikes completed. Photos will be posted in coming models.

Passport Series Folding Bikes

The passport's frame will have a different design than our slice folding bike, but will be based on the same geometry. It will ride with the same comfortable upright riding position, but will be able to be pushed as hard or as easy as the rider chooses. One passport folding bike will come equipped with Shimano's Nexus internal gear hub (8 speed) and the second passport model will come as a single speed. If you have not ridden a bike with the Nexus hub, you are in for a real treat. It shifts smoother than a rear derailleur with none of the added maintenance. There is a slight weight penalty with the Nexus hub, but we think that it is well worth it. The single speed will be perfect for flat areas and to be a boating or rving bike-all the fun with the added benefit of total simplicity.

We Want to Hear From You About Folding Bike Design

We are interested to hear what ideas our potential customers have for a folding bike design. Please respond with your ideas and who knows, if we like it we may use it. We will definitely contact you first if we think that you are onto something. We would like nothing more than to push the folding bike envelope forward with the help of our customers and potential customers.



If you have any comments, please email info@melonbicycles.com.