Melon Bikes in Philadelphia

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Melon is proud to welcome Volpe Cycles to our growing list of dealers. You have got to check out their homepage with the cool melon pics: That is the owner Todd having a double body experience-how did they do that? If you are in Philadelphia, please stop in and say hello and take a look at some great bikes.

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Melon Bicycles at the EPA Green Vendor Fair

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Going Green at the EPA Vendor Fair

By Laura Hall, A Biologist in the NIEHS Laboratory of Toxicology and Pharmacology

The sun was shining, the music was playing, and the vendors had information galore for increasing sustainability in daily living at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Vendor Fair on April 20, 2010. The NIEHS family was invited to attend this fair as well as the other EPA events celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

There were local and organic food, earth friendly products, and handcrafted gifts. Several businesses in solar power, electronic recycling, green homebuilding, water collection, and green lawncare presented information on their products and answered questions. Alternative transportation was represented at booths with hybrid vehicles, SmartCommute@RTP information, and folding bicycles.

Technology has improved greatly since the first Earth Day, surprisingly so.

"I plan to recycle an old computer next week" said NIEHS Program Specialist Michelle Owens. "I was impressed at how efficient the electronic recycling is now - they can reuse 97 percent of every pound recycled."

Melon Director of Sales, Holly Colson, shows off the 25 pound folding bicycle at the Green Vendor Fair. "When folded, the bicycle can be carried on a bus and stored under a desk." Test rides were encouraged and continued throughout the event.

EPA and NIEHS employees took advantage of the beautiful weather to enjoy their lunch outside and browse at the booths to learn more about environmentally friendly products. Notice Holly at the first booth on the right. Six people rode away from the event on their very own melon slice folding bike.



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Our New Dealer Portland Velocipede

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Melon Bicycles are now being sold in Maine. We are excited to be moving into the New England area.

Portland Velocipede is a great progressive shop. They have many offerings for using bikes more and more in our daily lives. Melon folding bikes fit in perfectly with their vision. We fully support our dealers and encourage you to drop into their store for a test ride. If you haven't rode a performance minded folding bike before, you are in for a treat. Remember, that our slice model has a comfortable upright riding position, so that you can ride at any pace that you please.

We like to provide updates on what our dealers are doing. Check out an article on Portland Velocipede in the Portland Daily Sun.




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Bicycle Times Review of melon slice folding bike

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We are happy to say that Bicycle Times, the magazine for regular folks who love to ride bikes has reviewed the melon slice folding bike in their latest issue (#5), March 1, 2010. Check out the great photos on their web-site.  The slice looks good. We know that personal style in choosing a bike is just as important as the way it rides. The magazine review covers the specs, the folding time, the riding experience, and best of all-why a folding bike. We are hoping that this review will give our still company and our folding bikes some incredible attention. Please give us your thoughts and suggestions or just give us a call to talk bikes.




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Melon Passport Folding Bikes

clock January 29, 2010 21:33 by author Melon

We are happy to let everyone know that we have completed the Passport Folding Bike prototypes. We will be making some minor changes to the bikes, but we wanted to give you a preview. Here is a picture of the Passport Inner Speed 8 Folding Bike. It is powered by the Shimano Nexus internal gear hub. We think that this hub shifts smoother than most rear derailleurs, another step towards making a bike as easy to ride as possible. 

It has an integrated headset and a new folding stem design. Ergonomic grips are included as an added benefit. Instead of the seat stay only design of the Slice Folding Bike, the Passport has seat stays and chain stays to form a rear triangle. The cost of this bike will be higher than the Slice, but we are diligently working to make it as low as possible. We are targeting July or August of 2010 for production of this model. Please feel free to contact us at, if you have any questions about the Passport. We will show the single speed Passport in an upcoming post.





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Melon Slice Folding Bike Review

clock January 2, 2010 19:19 by author Melon

Check out a review for the melon slice folding bike on a great web-site: bike

A couple excerpts: "If you recall riding a BMX bike when you were a kid, just think of the same type of agility and handling, but in a grown up way."

"The ride experience of this folding bike was pleasant. It's a smooth riding bike and if needed, it could mash."

"I like how fast this thing goes and the gearing was just right for hills and flats."

See all that RL Policar has to say about the melon slice folding bicycle at:



Melon Bicycles: Taking Folding Bikes to the Next Level!

clock December 10, 2009 10:00 by author Melon

Our Commitment to Superior Bike Design and Customer Service

At melon bicycles, we are coming up with designs to take folding bikes to the next level, but at a reasonable cost. We want our customers to have every confidence in the stability and durability of melon bikes that they have in conventional sized solid frame bikes. Coming up in the next month, we will have the prototypes of our passport series folding bikes completed. Photos will be posted in coming models.

Passport Series Folding Bikes

The passport's frame will have a different design than our slice folding bike, but will be based on the same geometry. It will ride with the same comfortable upright riding position, but will be able to be pushed as hard or as easy as the rider chooses. One passport folding bike will come equipped with Shimano's Nexus internal gear hub (8 speed) and the second passport model will come as a single speed. If you have not ridden a bike with the Nexus hub, you are in for a real treat. It shifts smoother than a rear derailleur with none of the added maintenance. There is a slight weight penalty with the Nexus hub, but we think that it is well worth it. The single speed will be perfect for flat areas and to be a boating or rving bike-all the fun with the added benefit of total simplicity.

We Want to Hear From You About Folding Bike Design

We are interested to hear what ideas our potential customers have for a folding bike design. Please respond with your ideas and who knows, if we like it we may use it. We will definitely contact you first if we think that you are onto something. We would like nothing more than to push the folding bike envelope forward with the help of our customers and potential customers.



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About Melon

Ready for some serious fun? Melon folding bikes are engineered just like conventional hybrid, fitness, and commuting bicycles, with one exception: 20" wheels. Twenty inch wheels provide incredible maneuverability and stability while allowing you to conquer any terrain with only 8 gears. Borrowing from mountain and road bike technology, we've designed melon folding bicycles from the wheels up with superior components for smooth shifting, firm braking, and a comfortable upright riding position. Use your melon!

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