Use Your Melon in Santa Barbara!

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We wanted to feature a series which highlights a few of the great places you can USE YOUR MELON. First Stop – the American Riviera – also known as Santa Barbara, California. Her beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and colorful culture make Santa Barbara a premier resort destination. World-class accommodations and dining await her many visitors. And – you can stop in the Segway of Santa Barbara shop to pick up a melon slice!

“Santa Barbara is the birth place of Earth Day and we take pride in hosting many different activities that support alternative forms of transportation.”, says Jerry Mahoney, owner of Segway of Santa Barbara. “The Melon Slice fits into our philosophy because we see it as smart transportation. Anytime you can utilize a vehicle that not only saves you time and money but is also a zero emission vehicle, we are behind it. The Slice is also good-looking and well made. We like to throw one in the trunk or even the front seat of the car to have when parking is a problem. You can just unfold the slice and ride the rest of the way!” says Mahoney.

Rated the “Number 1 Thing to Do in Santa Barbara” by Trip Advisor, Santa Barbara Segway takes guests on rides past some of the most beautiful beaches in Santa Barbara. Enjoy tours to from the Pier to the historic Santa Barbara Mission, the Sunken Gardens and all points in between! Whether you enjoy biking, fine-dining, water sports, lazing on the beach, culture, or a great night-life, Santa Barbara has something for you and make sure you check out Segway of Santa Barbara while you are there!


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Melon Helps Raise Money for Mountain Biker Down

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Recently we donated a melon slice to raise money for the Rider Down Fundraiser BBQ & Raffle sponsored by and for teammate Wes Castro who shattered his hip during a practice DH run on one of the segments of the 2010 Winter Series. In conjunction with The Path Bike Shop (located in Tustin, CA) a BBQ & raffle was held at their retail store.


Earlier in the morning they had a big group ride… 40+ riders.

This was a combination of members and friends of, The Path and STR ( – one BIG family within the biking community. They did a couple of loops within Santiago Oaks Park and Irvine Regional Park. The ride was a total blast and the BBQ was a huge success.

Everyone was psyched for the prize drawing and everyone wanted to win the slice! Just goes to show that our folding bicycles appeal to lots of folks and it didn't hurt to have mountain bike technology for this crowd!

Here is a link to information about the event and videos:


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New dealer for Maryland: Welcome Bike 123!

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"We are lovin’ the Melon!  I have arguably on of the largest collections of folding bikes on earth – seventy years’ worth- and these are just plain nifty! We believe the people behind it make it a keeper. They are not just a ‘cut’ above but a whole SLICE!". 
-Larry Black, Founder Bike 123: College Park Bicycles, Mt. Airy Bicycles

We are excited to welcome a new dealer in Maryland!  Melon Bicycles presented the Slice to Bike 123 a bike dealership with two stores: College Park Bicycles and Mt. Airy Bicycles in Maryland and they immediately recognized the superior handling and smooth ride that the Slice offered. With each store at prime locations frequented by many people daily, we are sure the exposure to this customer-friendly shop will grow the awareness of the Slice folding bike in the Baltimore, D.C. and Alexandria area. Go to and for further information or news.

DC's Yvette Hess, a correspondent for DC's Channel 9 on the Slice at her favorite shop and volunteering for the Race Across America as a crew Chief for All Wheels 4 Fibromyalgia.


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Melon Bicycles Featured in Citizen-Times

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One bike at a time...check out the article from the Asheville Citizen Times!  

July 11, 2010

Melon Bicycles: Asheville Area Business Changing The World One Bike At A Time


By Mike McWilliams


A local company wants to make people healthier and the Earth cleaner one bicycle at a time. Melon Bicycles, which is headquartered at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College's SmallBusiness Incubator in Candler, already has teamed up with companies like Chick-fil-A and CNN topromote health and wellness among employees.

The company was founded in 2008 by Loran Evans. Melon has developed a new program specificallyfor corporate campuses, universities and municipalities, featuring its folding bike model, the Slice. InApril, Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A launched its first bike-sharing program at the company's headquarters.The program launched with Melon bicycles at two stations on the campus.


“Folding bicycles offer more options in regard to storage and transport than regular full-sized bikes," Evans said.


Recently, Melon Bicycles also partnered with the Turner Athletic Club, the corporate fitness center ofemployees of Turner Broadcasting System and CNN, to provide bicycles for their employees.

The company also has commitments from four other companies in places, including Asheville,Research Triangle Park and Atlanta, said Holly Colson, Melon's director of sales and marketing.

“Obviously, our goal is just getting more people on bikes,” Colson said. “It solves so many problemsthat we have out there today. Obesity is a huge factor … so between that and what's going on withthe environment and global warming, it's killing two birds with one stone in a simple, simple way.”

Melon has one model for sale, the Slice, and almost 10 prototypes in the works, Colson said. The Slice can be folded in 15 seconds and can fit into a shoulder bag when not on the road. Although the bike looks small, it can accommodate riders between 4 feet 8 inches and 6 feet 3 inches tall.

“You get one bike and just by raising and lowering the seat, a lot of different people can ride it,” Colson said.

The bicycle, which costs $499, also features eight gears enabling the rider to go fast or spin in the“granny gear” up hills. It weighs about 25 pounds.

“(Folding bike) technology has been out there for a while,” Colson said. “They're huge in the UK, they're huge in Asia, but America is a little slow to catch on. I would say Raleigh has really grabbed onto the idea, and in Maryland and the Washington D.C. area, there has been a lot of activity there as well.”

Besides commuting to and from work, Colson said the folding bike is ideal for apartment dwellers with limited storage space, folks with recreational vehicles and those in the aviation business.

Melon Bicycles has 36 dealers nationwide and is working on expanding that network.“We're not only working with bike shops but also quite a few Segway dealers,” Colson said. “There's an interesting connection between us and the alternative transportation industry.”


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Turner Athletic Club Uses Their Melons

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Turner Athletic Club, the corporate fitness center for employees of Turner Broadcasting System and CNN recently purchased a fleet of Slice bicycles. The club wanted to provide bicycles for their members to rent and ride to spots around Atlanta including the nearby Centennial Olympic Park. The members of Turner Athletic Club have enjoyed having an additional outdoors option for their workouts. The rental fee is nominal and members can check out the bikes for an hour, a full day or for a weekend trip. Brian Raub, Manager of the Turner Athletic Club thought the bikes would be a great additional source of income for their club while also meeting the needs of their members. “The bikes have been quite a hit, everyone loves them!”.


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Overcoming Obstacles

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Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”    Michael Jordan 

I really want to win the bike” stated Bill McClain as he walked into the FitTrip awards banquet last week.  That statement soon became a reality.  Within the hour Bill won a Melon Slice at the Corporate Sports, FitTrip Challenge awards banquet. 

 An Atlanta based company, Corporate Sports specializes in health and wellness and has opened, managed and served as consultants for more than 45 health, fitness and wellness centers in leading hotels, resorts, office developments, private corporations, hospitals, universities and country clubs.

 Every Spring, Corporate Sports challenges their club members to physically improve by setting and realizing personal physical fitness goals during their FitTrip Challenge.  Over the course of four months they strive to get stronger, faster, lighter and healthier.  At the end of the FitTrip Challenge, winners are given prizes for their participation and accomplishments at a celebration banquet.

 Bill McClain took the challenge and proved he is an inspiration for as all.  An avid cyclist and tri-athlete, in 2006 he broke his femur and has struggled back through surgeries and intense rehabilitation.  Bill will turn 70 next week.  Four months ago when I started the FitTrip Challenge, I kicked it up a notch.  I started strength training, I lost 40 pounds and am now speed walking over two miles!  Before I needed a cane just to walk across the parking lot.  I am an old athlete, I didn’t want to be a old crippled man.“ 

Bill had been shopping for folding bikes and is a self-proclaimed bike omnivore with a house full of mountain bikes, road bikes, a recumbent and even an older folding model.  I didn’t want to win the $1000 Grand Prize, it was too sedentary, I wanted the bike”.

When asked how he likes riding the Slice he responded,  I have loved riding it, it feels extremely solid and exceedingly comfortable.  When I’m riding it, it feels just like my mountain bike.  The bike was the perfect gift at the perfect time.”


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The Melon Slice ~ Only Bike Allowed in Bonnaroo!

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 The Melon Slice proved that is the ultimate festival bike!  Thanks to it’s low-profile 20” wheels and the fact that it can fold, the Melon Slice was the only bike allowed into the 2010 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this past weekend.  No familiar with Bonnaroo?  It is a four-day, multi-stage camping music festival that is held every June on a 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee.  

Bonnaroo brings together some of the best performers in rock and roll, jazz, Americana, hip-hop, electronica, and just about any contemporary music you can think of. In addition to dozens of epic performances, the festival's 100-acre entertainment village buzzes around the clock with attractions and activities.  With all that going on -  it is great to have a bike to ride around on and see the sights and if all you've got is a full-sized bike, it won't be allowed in the gates.

This year 76,000 people were with the Slice at Bonnaroo to see Steve Martin and Conan O'Brien. John Fogerty, Jack Black and John Prine.  Stevie Wonder, Daryl Hall, The Avett Brothers, The Flaming Lips, Jay-Z, Weezer and Ween…just to name a few.  

Featuring insane days of sweat, debauchery and music, its no wonder Rolling Stone magazine named this revolutionary entertainment experience one of the 50 moments that changed the history of rock and roll.  And the Slice is changing the way people can get around when they are there!



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Chick-Fil-A Purchases a Fleet of Melon Bikes

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Chick-fil-A ® is helping its employees increase daily activity and reduce carbon emissions with the company’s first bike-sharing system at its headquarters in Atlanta. In April 2010, the program launched with Melon folding bicycles at 2 stations on the campus, offering a green alternative to cars for short commutes to meetings and errands. Replacing daily trips with bicycles has had a positive impact on the campus; employees are now zipping across campus on bikes instead of taking their cars or the shuttle. At Melon Bicycles, we believe that bicycles can be the medium for achieving wellness while being environmentally responsible and having fun and have developed a program designed specifically for corporate campuses, universities and municipalities featuring the folding bike model the Slice. We start by developing a customized program for our partners by understanding their unique goals and objectives. Depending on location, there are clean air discounts, wellness and tax incentives which can greatly reduce the costs. We then support the needs of our partners by putting together all of the elements; helmets, bike racks, education programs, etc to implement a successful bike initiative. To learn more contact our Director of Sales – Holly Colson. 



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Melon Bikes Supports the Colorado Rockies 26 Games of Green

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The Colorado Rockies are making a positive impact on the environment through the "26 Games of Green" initiative and Melon Bicycles went to the game this week.  Over the course of 26 games this season, the Rockies along with their media partners, will be enlisting players and fans to ride their bikes to the game.  For every home run the Rockies hit during these games, they will plant a tree in the Denver area.  The best part for those who bike to the game is the cheap tix ($10 each) and secure bike parking.  Fans who ride to the games are also eligible to win prizes like watching Rockies batting practice from the field, autographed items and Rockies tickets. 



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Foldable Bike Rolls in the 24th Annual Trail Days Parade

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The Melon Slice Folding Bike made an appearance at the 24th Annual Trail Days Parade in Damascus, Virginia this weekend. Travis Searcy, a Blue Ridge Outdoors staffer enjoys the parade in 20" wheel style! We think his pure speed was scaring the little girl next to him though?


Annual Trail Days Parade Video



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