Chick-fil-A ® is helping its employees increase daily activity and reduce carbon emissions with the company’s first bike-sharing system at its headquarters in Atlanta. In April 2010, the program launched with Melon folding bicycles at 2 stations on the campus, offering a green alternative to cars for short commutes to meetings and errands. Replacing daily trips with bicycles has had a positive impact on the campus; employees are now zipping across campus on bikes instead of taking their cars or the shuttle. At Melon Bicycles, we believe that bicycles can be the medium for achieving wellness while being environmentally responsible and having fun and have developed a program designed specifically for corporate campuses, universities and municipalities featuring the folding bike model the Slice. We start by developing a customized program for our partners by understanding their unique goals and objectives. Depending on location, there are clean air discounts, wellness and tax incentives which can greatly reduce the costs. We then support the needs of our partners by putting together all of the elements; helmets, bike racks, education programs, etc to implement a successful bike initiative. To learn more contact our Director of Sales – Holly Colson. 



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