"We are lovin’ the Melon!  I have arguably on of the largest collections of folding bikes on earth – seventy years’ worth- and these are just plain nifty! We believe the people behind it make it a keeper. They are not just a ‘cut’ above but a whole SLICE!". 
-Larry Black, Founder Bike 123: College Park Bicycles, Mt. Airy Bicycles

We are excited to welcome a new dealer in Maryland!  Melon Bicycles presented the Slice to Bike 123 a bike dealership with two stores: College Park Bicycles and Mt. Airy Bicycles in Maryland and they immediately recognized the superior handling and smooth ride that the Slice offered. With each store at prime locations frequented by many people daily, we are sure the exposure to this customer-friendly shop will grow the awareness of the Slice folding bike in the Baltimore, D.C. and Alexandria area. Go to www.bike123.com and www.melonbicycles.com for further information or news.

DC's Yvette Hess, a correspondent for DC's Channel 9 on the Slice at her favorite shop and volunteering for the Race Across America as a crew Chief for All Wheels 4 Fibromyalgia.


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